Turkey Trip – Jun 2009

In the early days with the travel trade, when I was working for an international airline, I selected to explore the Turkey, one of the leading tourism destinations in the world, with stunning scenery and rich historic legacy. I was attracted to the Cappadocia, the village with cave hotels, fairy chimneys & the balloon ride experience. I explored the beautiful Istanbul and Pamukkale too. Antalya, Bodrum, Kusadasi & Ankara are also very famous amount the tourists from all around the world.

So many words come to mind when you see the beauty of Turkey. We will be sharing the great ideas for your vacation such as Turkish cities, special destinations, geographical regions, travel experiences and news from around Turkey. Turkey offers nothing less than a good life with happy memories.

It has beautiful coastline, spectacular icons, exciting events and cultural festivals. One can plan holiday to Turkey with great deals on accommodation, travel advices and a variety of things to do and see. Fun, joy, happiness, never ending journey.



Siddharth Patel

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