Jharkhand Tour – 06nights 07days

Jharkhand Tour – 06nights 07days

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    Jharkhand Tour – 06nights 07days

    Though this green state challenges the traveller in you, it makes up with undisturbed natural beauty. Spend a few tranquil days minus the frills of city life by following this stunning nature-oriented itinerary.


    Day 01 : Ranchi Airport Arrival
    Get into town


    Fly to Ranchi and check in at Radisson Blu (www.radissonblu.com) for two nights. If you have been to Ranchi before, say five years ago, you will not recognise the change that has come over the town, which felt like near-countryside once upon a time and now has transformed into a mega city. Many multiplexes and shopping malls have come up in town. Spend the day touring the waterfalls that dot the landscape such as Dassam Falls (40 km) that fall from a height of 144 ft.


    Day 02 : Ranchi – Netarhat
    Distance: 145 km
    Time: 3 hours by road


    After breakfast, pack a picnic meal and tea and drive out for your day trip today, to the hill station of Netarhat. Developed by the British, who had a knack of settling in the most beautiful places in the country, this is a scenic getaway. There are no significant colonial relics here now, but the dense forests, stream-streaked valleys and verdant hills of the plateau are easy on the eye. Three kilometres from Netarhat, Koel View Point offers spectacular views of the river Koel. Return to Ranchi.


    Day 03 : Netarhat – Betla
    Distance: 185 km
    Time: 4 hours by road


    Leave early for your drive into the jungles to experience the wildlife unique to this region. Betla National Park, which comprises the Palamau Tiger Reserve, was one of the first national parks to be declared a tiger reserve under Project Tiger. From just a few tigers in the early years, there are now over 30 tigers in the Palamau Tiger Reserve. In Betla, you can also see the Indian giant squirrel, Ratufa Indica, once common but now a rare and amazing sight. Even if you don’t spot anything, Betla is simply beautiful with thick forests and a backdrop of hills. Stay the night at the quaint Tree House inside the park (tel: 06562-222 650/282).


    Day 04 : Betla – Hazaribagh
    Distance: 208 km
    Time: 4 hours by road


    When the states of Bihar and Jharkhand were divided, the richest forestland, fortunately for the latter, came to Jharkhand, including the Chota Nagpur plateau region that spreads across Betla and Hazaribagh. Hazaribagh National Park is also a reserve rich in scenic beauty. One can hope to spot the tiger, the panther, as well as nilgai, wild boar and the sloth bear. The terrain is hilly, with an average altitude of 1,800 ft, making for a great green trip. Stay at the Forest Rest House within the park (book in advance, tel: 06546-222 339) but carry your own supplies inside.


    Day 05 : Hazaribagh – Jamshedpur
    Distance: 216 km
    Time: 4.5 hours by road


    Today is a long driving day, but before leaving Hazaribagh, make a trip to the Sanskriti complex here, a centre to preserve and promote indigenous art and culture. Visit for the ambience as well as the exquisite handicrafts, representative of several tribes, on display. This place encapsulates the essence of Jharkhand’s vibrant and colourful tribal culture. The art gallery showcases 15 styles of painting in the Khovar and Sohrai schools with over 300 works of art on display. Have lunch and leave for Jamshedpur, in time to rest and have dinner. Stay at Fortune Centre Point (www.fortunehotelcentrepoint.com).


    Day 06 : Jamshedpur
    In and around town
    Time: Keep 6 hours


    There is a lot to do at the pretty city, with the Dalma Hills next door where you can go for a half day trek or an elephant safari. Or you could take a full day trip to Amadubi village nearby where artists have been illustrating local folk dances and tribal legends as well as other religious tales through the unique Paitkar paintings. Back in Jamshedpur, you can watch the sun set on Dimna Lake.


    Day 07 : Jamshedpur – Ranchi
    Distance: 130 km
    Time: 2.5 hours by road


    Drive out to Ranchi via NH 33 for your flight back home, but not before getting a last memorable taste of Jharkhand.