Somnath Dwarka & Gir Trip – May 2010

The most famous pilgrim place of the Gujarat. We also visited the Gir during that time. They are located at the south coastal part of the Gujarat. We visited the somnath temple, the dwarkadhish temples and many other temples in that town. One can also visit the Porbandar, the birth place of Gandhi Bapu which falls between Somnath & Dwarka.

The safari at the Gir National Park is must while visiting Gir. One must try to book the safaris at the national park and have a chance to see the lions in their natural habitat. If the safari bookings are not available you can visit the Devaliya Park where the animals like lion, leopards, deer, etc are kept in the limited area of the park.

Gujarat is becoming the new destination of business houses. Not only that is one of the favourite tourist destination for the people who want to explore India and Indian culture from the spiritual as well as adventure point of view. The destination like Dwarka, Somnath show the rich spiritual culture of Gujarat while the places like Diu is full beach adventure. Flora and fauna of the state are also notable which includes 4 national parks and 21 sanctuaries. It is home of Asiatic lions.

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Siddharth Patel

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