Rishikesh Kanatal Yamunotri Uttarkashi Trip

Rishikesh Kanatal Yamunotri Uttarkashi Trip – Mrs Ila Patel – Businesswoman ( New York ) – travelled on May 2017

Few things command more respect than hard work, integrity, dedication and the ability to follow through. These are among the many attributes we experienced from start to finish when organizing our trip to India with this travel agent. This travel agent is an excellent listener and pays attention to detail; a lost quality in today’s world.

The very well shared the information of the destination and very well explained the trip details what type of the hotel / camping sites available at the destination, the condition on the roads, availability of the food, etc, are well appreciated.

He loves travelling and he loves doing his travel business.

We are waiting to do the valley of flowers trek next year, which will be organised by “travel exultant”.



May 31, 2018


Mrs Ila Patel – New York

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